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Commercial bread machines - effective and proficient cutting machinery

If you own a restaurant, bistro, hotel or a school cafeteria, commercial bread machines Domina for cutting large quantities of bread could be the answer to your time and money efficiency you were looking for.

We have a variety of commercial bread machines you can chose from- designed especially for precise cutting and considerable amounts of bread at one time. With that you save significant time and labor- all of our machines are effortlessly operated by a switch of a button and high but simplified technology, equipped with European quality certificate (CE certificate). Our bread machines and cutting machines are also extremely easy to clean and maintain. If needed, we also provide you with all additional repairs and spare parts. And that makes them effectual as well as proficient.

Cutting machines Domina - cutting machinery for bread

We offer commercial bread machines, that are a combination of upmost excellence features. By labeling them by size, you can swiftly find the cutting machine, that meets your needs and expectations the most.

Commercial bread machineYou can choose from:

  • Automatic

- 11 mm bread cutter (11 mm slices)

- 15 mm bread cutter (15 mm slices)

- 20 mm bread cutter (20 mm slices)

  • Semi-automatic

- 11 mm bread cutter (11 mm slices)

- 15 mm bread cutter (15 mm slices)

- 20 mm bread cutter (20 mm slices)

- Trim & cutting bread (distinct commercial bread machine we offer, that is used for bread trimming on their sides. That way, you can use this cutting machine to make for example tremezini sandwiches)

In category of Domina bread-slicers we also offer:

  • Automatic with belt
  • Table semi-automatic

If preferred, we can also provide you with rental commercial bread machines, that you can rent for unlimited period of time.

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