Industrial bread slicer - precise and efficient cutting machinery Domina

Precise and efficient industrial slicerIndustrial bread slicer

Industrial bread slicer is used for cutting large amounts of bread. Here in Domina, we offer you variations of professional bread slicers and cutting machines that can make you save time and money whether you own a restaurant, cafeteria, bistro or a hotel-where bread must be cut precise, fast and efficient.

With years of inherited tradition, we managed to design our industrial bread slicer to the fullest. And with our know-how, skills, understanding and comprehension of manufacturing, mixed with quality, we can now offer you the best bread slicer we have, competed with achieved European standards (CE certificate).

We are proud of the simple features of our cutting machines, that comprehend otherwise highly advanced technological and industrial made cutting machinery Domina. All the materials we use producing our industrial bread slicers meet the highest quality demanded for this type of professional bread slicers.

The sole design of our industrial bread slicer is tailored to meet your needs the most. Besides the fact, that our professional bread slicers are electrically driven and operated by an on/off switch that has a thee-phase plug; the switch itself is especially designed with fuse, preventing your cutting machinery maintaining the “on” mode in case of a shortcut. Also additional thermal treatment was procured, securing your Industrial bread slicer against overburdening.

Cutting machines Domina - cutting machinery for bread

We manufacture the following cutting machinery:

  • semi automatic (new!)
  • automatic (new!):

-Domina 11 mm

-Domina 15 mm

-Domina 20 mm

  • convertible two in one bread - cutting machines:

-11 and 22 mm

-15 and 30 mm

We also offer two types of packing tables:

  • Packing table Domina (new!) - designed to fit both new and the old bread slicer.
  • bread - trimming Domina (new!).

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