Laminate flooring in high quality is suitable for all rooms

Laminate flooring is made in different qualities from different materials. Quality laminate flooring is made with advanced computer controlled machines so the planks fit together perfectly. Installation of quality laminate is therefore quick and easy with click method. No use of special tools or glue is required. Invisible joints of quality laminate flooring do not only give a beautiful appearance but are also important for proper ware and stability. If joints are opened, dirt and spilled liquid can do irreversible damage. Quality laminate flooring is the thickest of all types. Thickness gives quality laminate flooring durability and long life span. Quality laminate usually has very good surface finish and because of that it is resistant to scratches and other mechanical influences that could damage it. Good quality surface texture is also water resistant, so laminate flooring can be used in humid rooms as well. Quality laminate flooring has UV protection so the colour doesn`t fade where the flooring is exposed to sunlight. This feature is very important because no one wants to have different shades of laminate flooring in one room. Because of high quality and thickness of surface finish, quality laminate flooring can withstand big and heavy furniture which won’t leave any marks when it is moved. Quality laminate flooring can be installed over underfloor heating systems so your new floor is nice and warm. Expected life span of quality laminate flooring is around 20 years. Quality laminate flooring requires minimal maintaining and care.

quality laminate flooringQuality laminate flooring is installed with click method

Plank laminate flooring comes in different colours and decors. We offer more than 450 choices of laminate planks. Different laminate flooring requires different installation methods and different padding. Plank laminate flooring is most commonly installed with click system which is health and environmental friendly. It is quick method that most clients can do on their own. However if you don`t have any experiences with installing quality laminate flooring it is best to leave it to professionals.

quality laminate flooringWe offer thickest laminate flooring for clients who want the best flooring

Our Lifestyle Premium laminate flooring is of highest quality. It is the thickest flooring that we offer and is suitable for clients that only want the best. Because it is so resistant to external factors it can be used in residential and heavily used business areas. Lifestyle Premium laminate flooring combines all qualities of different kinds of laminate and upgrades them with special dimensions and thickness. Latest laminate flooring is available in many colours, pattern, textures and surface finishes.