Solid wood parquet flooring for luxury

Solid wood parquet flooring is renowned for creating a feeling of luxury, no matter where we install it. Solid parquet flooring was very popular in the past and it kept its good name throughout the decades. Why? The answer is simple. Parquet (solid wood) flooring is one of the most recognizable types of flooring all over the world. Solid wood parquet flooring is known for its luxurious feel underfoot and for it’s beautiful patterned tiles and geometric shapes. Another advantage of solid oak parquet flooring (or other types of wooden parquet flooring) is it’s unlimited options for pairing. Solid wood parquet flooring goes well with any type of furniture or décor, therefore it’s a good choice no matter what style you like.

solid wood parquet flooringsolid oak parquet flooring

Solid wood parquet flooring for durability

Solid parquet flooring is one of the most durable options you can choose. We do have to be a bit careful, when we’re setting the furniture, since scratches do appear on the solid wood parquet flooring, however that does not really damage it. After a couple of years we can decide for resanding and refurbishing and the solid wood parquet flooring will look like new for a good number of years. Solid oak parquet flooring is among the most durable types of parquet (solid wood) floorings, but other choices of wood perform their function just as well.

Solid oak parquet flooring and other options

At Floor Experts we proudly present an extensive and beautiful selection of solid wood parquet floorings. You can choose among the classics: solid oak parquet flooring, cherry, maple, ash, walnut, pine etc. or - if you want something else than classic solid oak parquet flooring, you can also decide for more exotic options, like doussie, iroko, jatoba, kempas, robinia, sucupira and others. But no matter what you choose, solid oak parquet flooring or another exotic option, you can rest assured that with the high quality solid wood parquet flooring manufacturers at Floor Experts, you will only get the best.