Wooden houses construction

Wooden houses and modern prefab cabins are constructed of a high quality Slovenian and Austrian spruce wood, which offers satisfaction, pleasure and a high quality of living. The wooden house is environmentally friendly, durable and safe. The scent of the log house conjures a special feeling of warmth, homeliness and safety.

Wooden house manufacture and the modern prefab cabins

The wooden house manufacture has many positive characteristics. Modern prefab cabins do not damage the natural habitat. It takes considerably less time and energy to manufacture them.

Our wooden house builders and log house manufacturers have many years of experiences and know how to prepare and use wood in order to preserve all the natural characteristics and benefits of the modern log cabins.  

The wooden house manufacture is energy sufficient and does not burden the natural environment. All the material used by the wooden house builders and log house manufacturers are environmentally sound, the construction also takes considerably less time. Due to all of that the prices of the wooden garden houses, massive houses and modern prefab cabins are lower than the prices of the brick houses.

Wooden houses construction with internal or external insulation

Construction of the wooden houses with the external isolation means that the house builders isolate the outer wall of your wooden house or modern prefab cabin. The logs are visible as a wooden facade or they can be covered with the classical plaster. Construction of the wooden houses with internal isolation means that the logs are used as a basic construction element in the wooden house manufacture and as the same time they are used for the outer facade layer of the wooden house or prefab cabin. The external walls are additionally thermally isolated from the inside, where the thickness and the type of the isolation depends on the customer’s wishes.


Wooden house builders and log house manufacturers

Our wooden house builders and log house manufacturers are very skilled and trained regarding the construction of the wooden houses. The manufacturers prepare and construct the modules or sections of a home in a controlled environment. When this part of the wooden house manufacture is done, the home is transported to the site and the builders connect and build the rest of your wooden house.

Advantages of the modern prefab cabins

Modern prefab cabins have many advantages:

  • high quality,
  • cost efficiency,
  • shorter manufacture and construction time.


Wooden houses construction as well as the manufacture of the wooden houses, bungalows and modern prefab cabins is individualized. Our wooden garden house builders and log house manufacturers will listen to your whishes and needs, but you can also decide for the already existent plans for the wooden houses.

Customers with some knowledge and willpower can cooperate in the construction and manufacture decisions and we offer a possibility of installing the wooden houses in the stage of construction. For those with less time our wooden house builders and log house manufacturers can take care of everything.


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