Industrial equipment that will enhance your business potential

At Nieros, we offer a variety of tailor-made industrial solutions that facilitate every warehouse process and make it more effective. Our industrial equipment includes warehouse solutions for both order-picking and storage. Our storage solutions are easy to use and are ergonomically designed. They offer a broad list of benefits, including: maximizing your space usage, cutting down your costs, optimizing your time, providing an accurate and quick traceability and order picking, low maintenance costs, full integrability with our other solutions, and many more benefits. We design and manufacture our products with one single goal in mind – to boost your efficiency by helping you organize and facilitate all industrial processes. Our systems enable you to take advantage of every inch of your available space. Besides planning and production of the tailor-made state-of-the-art industrial equipment, we also take care of its installation and all services needed.

Industrial storage solutions that exceed the customer’s needs

Our warehouse storage systems offer brisk accessibility and traceability of the stored items at all times, so their quality is always at best. These solutions are made to simplify inventory control and order picking. They are easy to operate and are ergonomically constructed, which results in higher employee output and less workplace injuries. Besides, this type of technology is designed to be easily cleaned, which helps maintain the overall hygiene always at a high level – a requirement that is a must especially for the food industry.

industrial racking systems

Great management for great industrial racking systems

One of our most sought-after solutions are the industrial racking systems, which facilitate and speed up the storage of Euro pallets, containers, crates etc., no matter if empty or full. These warehouse solutions can work both manually or automatically, and offer better space utilization, which helps optimize your both time and costs. Moreover, all our systems work well together and can be integrated with ease. All types of Nieros industrial racking systems are controlled by a computer which enables the manager to find more space in the warehouse, cut costs and boost the overall efficiency. This managing system allows our clients to quickly check the content of every single product and trace it at all times, no matter where in the warehouse it is located. If you are interested in pallet racking systems, it doesn’t matter what kind of warehouse you have. Big or small spaces, we have the right and customized solution for every industrial environment, business needs and requirements.