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Material handling equipment is an essential part of production

Material handling covers an unusually wide range of applications and end-user sectors. The key equipment in the area includes material handling devices like conveyors, palletizers, sorters for warehousing and distribution, airport baggage, manufacturing and bulk handling, postal and parcel delivery and more. The efficiency and reliability of material handling automation systems often determine the productivity and profitability of a warehouse or distribution centre.

Nieros material handling equipment is vital in all production-oriented industries with heavy-duty industrial equipment such as pallets, bins, barrels, containers, boxes and packages. It is designed in high-quality stainless steel that guarantees its longevity and reliability. Nieros material handling devices not only simplify work processes, reduce workplace injuries and boost productivity, but also conform to the strictest hygienic and safety standards, and can be a winning combination for the success of any production. Their devices represent comprehensive solutions for lifting, tipping, tilting and transporting loads of various sizes and weight, applicable to a wide range of production processes, create time and place utility through the handling, storage, and control of materials. Enabling humanization of work processes and economical management, they are a first-class solution for a variety of production-oriented industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, veterinary industry and more. Putting the needs and specifics of production processes first, they provide fully customized solutions that conform to the strictest hygienic and safety standards.

material handling equipment

Automated material handling system

According to findings of some researches, only around 10% of manufacturing facilities today are fully automated, even though the benefits are becoming more than clear.

In the logistics and supply chain industries, every edge counts, which is the reason why facilities managers and decision makers everywhere are exploring the benefits of automated material handling.

When people talk about automation, they focus most on the potential displacement of human workers. In reality, automation is a complement to human effort. The companies that navigate the transition to selective automation, often donˈ t have to lose even a single employee.

Before automation became more widely available, the various work areas and pieces of equipment within an industrial setting represented islands of process data. Thanks to connected automated systems, logistics experts, facilities managers and other industry professionals now have an access to many types of data they did not have before.

Automated material handling equipment can help factories and distribution centres assemble or move more products in any given period. It also helps them to input more flexibility across their operations.

Material handling conveyors

Different types of material handling conveyors on the market offer economic solutions for internal production processes in many industries and represent ideal solutions for reducing work processes, improve productivity and diminish workplace injuries. This kind of industrial conveyor systems are modular, which allow them to be integrated in any part of the production process like hygiene, washing or other units. They also allow combinations of different transport line elements, adjusting movement speed, number and height of the transport levels.

Nieros is one of the leading manufacturers of material handling conveyors. Their conveyor systems are made from high quality materials, which make them robust and long lasting. They manufacture standard and customized equipment, made according to needs of any company. All their products have quality certificates that confirm they meet all EU standards. Because the company is customer oriented, they provide excellent customer support, which ranges from solution planning, engineering to after sales assistance.

Nieros automated roller conveyors with straight or bent sections are used for internal transportation of boxes, full and empty crates, pallets and other products. The ones with bent sections, also called flexible conveyor systems, are most suitable for production halls with many obstacles as they easily bend around them. Beside already mentioned, Nieros manufactures V- belt driven, gravity-fed, motor-driven and, for transporting items on short distances, also mini conveyor systems.

material handling conveyors