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Industrial washer and dryer provide hygiene of highest standards

Our company Nieros produces industrial washer and dryer machines for hands, footwear and various equipment. In many industries, especially in food processing industry hygiene is crucial. Our hygiene solutions are perfect choice for production areas where risk of contamination is a great danger for business. Nieros customized hygiene solutions cover hygiene needs at every stage of production, minimizing food contamination risks and meeting high hygiene standards like HACCP, NSF and IFS. Industrial washers are also cost effective because of efficient energy use and optimal detergent, water consumption. All our products are made in the house, so they comply with EU standards and highest quality requirements.  For ensuring health safety, it is very important to have hygienic entry point to production areas. We design customized hygienic solutions with optimal equipment arrangement for client's needs. We simplify work processes and provide user friendly, fast, efficient passage of the personnel to production area.

Industrial washing machine

Industrial washer and dryer machines clean and disinfect hands, footwear, equipment

Our hand cleaning solutions insure optimal hygiene of personnel on entering point of the production area. Thorough cleaning and disinfection is key in preventing contamination of products and in meeting HACCP, IFS, NSF hygiene standards. Nieros cleaning solutions direct personnel to use equipment properly, preventing from insufficient cleaning. Cleaning process begins with effective soaping which is followed with a thorough rinsing with running water. Next step in use of dryer. Disinfection follows to destroy all germs and bacteria. Our industrial washer and dryer units are planned and produced in a way that direct personnel to follow all cleaning steps in correct order without skipping any steps. A turnstile-controlled passage guarantees that only personnel with completed cleaning process can enter the production area. Nieros hand washing solutions are: hygiene control, washbasins, accessories, dryers. Industrial washer and dryer machines are made of stainless-steel, therefore they are easy to clean and have a long-life span. They can be self-standing or floor and wall mounted units which are knee or sensor operated. Washer and dryer machines are ergonomically designed to provide proper hygiene practices. Most of them are modular units which combine multiple functions in one. Automatic dosing dispenser sanitizes and washes at once, industrial hand washing station and washbasins ensure effective cleaning and sanitization before one enters production area.

Industrial cleaning machine

Hand washing machine is industrial washer which combined with dryer offers best results

Hand washing machine features illuminated cleaning chamber with rubber edge protectors, automatic dosage of soap, sanitizer, stainless steel nozzles for application of sanitizer, smooth surface finish, optional stainless-steel turnstiles. There are many models of automatic hand washer which have different functions. Washing appliances can be used as sanitization or washing unit or they can combine both functions. Cleaning process has to end with drying process. Dyson Airblade dryers are highly  hygienic, have modern design and are eco-friendly. They complete drying process in 12 seconds which is excellent for companies with large number of personnel. Dyson Airblade dryers have HEPA filters which remove 99,9% of bacteria from the air during whole process. Dryers substantially lower operating costs because there is no need of paper use. They are also ecologic because they have low emissions and therefore protect the environment.

Industrial washer is also boots washing machine for quick and thorough cleaning

For providing thorough hygiene of personnel, they also have to have clean footwear to prevent any kind of contamination risk in and out of production areas. Nieros footwear cleaning units ensure quick and thorough cleaning upon entering or leaving production area. Boots washing machine is easy to use, highly efficient, quick to proceed, cost effective. It features automated dosage of sanitizer, easy to change brushes without any tools, smooth surface finish. Made of stainless-steel it can be thoroughly cleaned.